With the holidays fast approaching, companies all over the globe are preparing for peak season to ensure their business metrics are met during the busiest retail season.  However, with unemployment numbers at an 18 year low and the need to hire great people ever present,  it can be tough to find ways to bring in quality employees that can grow within the company.  With technology and talent being cited as CEOs’ top two business priorities, hiring when your business needs increase is something all companies should be prepared for but it can be tough in the employee market we are currently in.   Here are a few ways you can help prepare for peak season!

1. Drive Employee Referrals

Generating 39.9% of successful hires, Employee Referral Programs are extremely important to finding the right people. These referral programs lead to higher fast to fill rates as your base of employees acts as a marketing arm for your business by telling friends to join the company along with more details about the environment and the job. Combined with rewards for your employees for helping to find new people, you can create a program that helps to find new and quality candidates whenever your company may need them.

2. Verify Keywords are Present

When posting your jobs on your website and job boards, make sure you are using the right keywords to attract the type of person you need. If there are any specific skills or types of people you are looking for, include those in your description for the job. The primary title of the job post is also important to how the candidate initially finds the job so making sure it lists the correct words can lead to increases in applications received.

3. Retain Quality Employees

Retaining employees can help you in numerous ways that can benefit your business. Having experienced people to train and support the new hires while they get up to speed is important and your veteran employees also help to build the culture of your team. If you have a constant cycle of employees who are coming in and then leaving the company, you cost your company money and the positive nature of the culture you built will be at risk.  Offer your core, quality employees an end of season bonus or completion bonus for staying with you through the holidays when so many jobs may seem more appealing but are temporary in the end.  

4. Work With IntelliSource

With nearly 15 years of peak season experience, IntelliSource offers the resources to take your hiring to the next level. Working with an experienced outsourcing company like IntelliSource, we allow companies to focus on their core business needs while we implement our core competency to support your hiring needs through the entire process.  We recruit, screen, hire, manage, motivate and retain employees for many companies throughout the year – but we also step in and support during the peak season months. 

This case study shows the IntelliSource method as a proven model for high volume recruiting while creating successful employees and teams. 

These solutions are just some of the available ideas to help your company during Peak Staffing season. If you aren’t sure of what you should do, IntelliSource can assist and bring your business to new heights. Click below to contact us today and learn more about how we can help your company.