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Total Talent Management

We understand that finding the right talent for your company is crucial yet time-consuming. Our experienced team of recruiters is dedicated to streamlining the process, focusing on identifying top-tier talent that aligns seamlessly with your unique requirements and company culture.

Our approach goes beyond recruitment; it’s Total Talent Management. We integrate cutting-edge technology to ensure efficiency while maintaining a personalized touch. From onboarding to development, we aim not just to fill roles but to cultivate a workforce that drives your company’s strategic success.

Partnering with IntelliSource means more than a recruitment service; it’s gaining a strategic ally committed to optimizing your workforce, minimizing costs, and enhancing your business’s overall agility and competitiveness.

Our process is a meticulous blend of a personal touch and innovation

We leverage cutting-edge technology to streamline the recruitment journey, ensuring efficiency without compromising the personalized touch required to understand your unique business needs.

Executive search

Specialized recruitment service focused on identifying and attracting top-level candidates for senior and executive positions within organizations. This process is crucial when companies are seeking leaders, such as CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, or other C-suite executives, who play pivotal roles in shaping and executing the organization’s strategy.

Contingent workforce

Providing anywhere from 5 to 1000s of vetted employees in short order, IntelliSource provides these individuals work within your company for a specific period, often to fulfill short-term projects, seasonal demands, or to provide specialized skills that may not be available within the existing permanent workforce.

Direct hire

Outsourcing any level position to IntelliSource will save time, money and ensure the right hire leading to higher retention. For Direct Hire, IntelliSource does the heavy lifting and provides your company with a full-time employee. In this model, the new employee becomes a part of your team from day one, bypassing any temporary or probationary periods typically associated with other hiring arrangements.

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