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IS Accelerator

IS Accelerator emerged as a specialized division of IntelliSource meticulously crafted to lend robust support to the accelerated growth of startups, seamlessly guide the diversification of new verticals within established corporate frameworks and provide end-to-end support for dynamic expansions into new geographic areas. Recognizing the common predicament faced by young and rapidly evolving enterprises—the intricate challenge of scaling their operations with precision—we’ve tailored a specific service offering to serve as a catalyst for overcoming this hurdle.

Our distinctive methodology revolves around a comprehensive approach to the critical domains of your business. By shouldering the operational intricacies, IS Accelerator grants you the freedom to direct your energy towards vital pillars of success: core Research and Development (R&D), fostering innovation, propelling business growth, securing an expanded market share or launching operations in new geographies.

With IS Accelerator as your ally, rest assured that your business doesn’t just grow—it evolves, adapts, and flourishes in sync with your vision.

Whether looking for strategies for sustainable growth, preparing for a merger/acquisition or expanding into new ventures

IS Accelerator aims to provide expertise, resources and strategic guidance across various aspects of your business to first stabilize and then build a strong foundation positioning your company for rapid expansion.


We kickstart your journey with our Ignite phase. This is where we dive deep into understanding the unique DNA of your business. Through thorough analysis, we identify untapped potentials, streamline processes, and fortify your foundation for rapid growth. Our team works collaboratively with yours to ignite the spark that propels your business to new heights.


Once the spark is lit, it’s time to amplify the impact. Our Amplify phase is all about optimizing and enhancing the key elements of your operations. From leveraging cutting-edge technologies to implementing efficient workflows, we amplify your strengths and address any bottlenecks. This phase is a strategic boost, ensuring that your company not only grows but does so with resilience and sustainability.


With a solid foundation and amplified capabilities, we move into the Expand phase. Here, our focus is on scaling your business and exploring new horizons. Whether it’s entering new markets, diversifying your product line, or establishing strategic partnerships, IS Accelerator is your partner in expansion. We navigate the complexities of growth, ensuring that every step forward is a calculated and successful one.

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