Celebrating your wins at work is a simple yet rewarding way to motivate and challenge yourself. Bringing attention to your accomplishments is also necessary to grow your career! We have listed 5 ways to remind you and get you started on celebrating your milestones in the workspace.  

As you read on, do not forget to thank those that have helped you achieve your big wins. Stay humble and appreciate your wins at work with these tips! 

1. Reflect on recent projects

With the rush we can face in the office, when was the last time you have reflected on recent projects you have been a part of? Give yourself a pat on the back and appreciate the skills that helped those projects be successful.  

2. Welcome feedback

A productive way to celebrate your wins at work is being open to feedback. Welcoming feedback from your team can highlight your wins, as well as your team’s. Take the time to also encourage reviews to keep the celebration flowing. This is a fantastic way to broaden not only your impact but your company’s. 

3. Branch out

See your impact and share your victories firsthand! Get out of your safe zone at work and get to know other departments by initiating conversations. While you are at it, learn where you can improve your skills by lending a hand.  

4. Share your contributions

Keep your team in the loop of your current projects to highlight ways you have contributed and how it affects the company. Here at IntelliSource, our favorite ways to do so are in Teams chats and Catch-Up meetings.  

5. Broaden your network

Go beyond your network and share those milestones on your social media. Add even more value to your social network by posting updates that include supportive articles as a source. By doing so, you will see a growth in your network in no time! 

Which of these tips will you be adding to your work week? Just like the tasks you do on a daily basis, promoting your wins at work should be taken as a necessity. It can uplift those around you and remind us of the personal growth we have accomplished.