Much like a hearty, traditional stew, the Success Stew includes a collection of great individual ingredients that all work together to make a great team. Our recipe for a healthy, thriving and tight-knit squad is comprised of several different components to create a winning combination within your business!


  • Communication
  • Trust
  • Enrollment
  • Alignment
  • Feedback
  • Recognition


  • Talk to your team and communicate your plan for accomplishing the group’s goals. Continue to use communication through-out the recipe and inform your team of any changes of focus as they happen.
  • Add alignment along with your communication by discussing any questions your organization may have on what needs to be done to accomplish the tasks at hand. Make sure everyone understands their roles before moving forward.
  • Try the “stew” to see if it needs more alignment within the team. Talk to your people about why the goal is important and how they are required to help support the team to enroll them in your vision for success if needed.
  • Check the “stew” regularly and solicit feedback from others. If there is a need for additional communication, alignment, or a lack of trust is present, you can adjust the recipe accordingly to add more of whichever ingredient is needed to ensure success.
  • Don’t forget to instill trust in your recipe by acting on feedback when needed and showing your team that you are there to help them be successful. Be present and listen to what is said.
  • After all the ingredients are added, and the recipe comes together, make sure you highlight the individual contributions of your team and recognize them for the part within the method of success.

Using this recipe, you can create a team of people who add their flavors to the team dynamic while making sure you are aligned and focused on your goals.