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Average interviews per week
Made by the team to meet targets
Delivery timeframe for hires


Our client needed help in exceeding their hiring targets of over 100 qualified skilled labor production associates within a tight 6-week time frame. They chose to partner with IntelliSource due to our experience and tenure needed to adapt quickly and efficiently to meet these needs.


Consumer Goods


This company was not seeing success with their traditional hiring methods and lacked the experience to ramp up high volume.  They were behind on their hiring targets and were limited to 6-weeks to meet their forecasts.  With a high focus on their employee brand in the market, they utilized our branding team to mimic their corporate standards.  With remote work on the rise, getting candidates to the site for mandatory in-person interviews was more challenging than it had been in the past.  


Expanded scope within 1 week of our launch to utilize our best practices to manage the on-boarding process after the hiring decision was confirmed


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