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Case Study

Full Scope IT Project + 100% Compliant Goal

Creates immediate need to launch full scale technology project with a swift implementation that meets strict deadlines and quickly changing industry regulations

  • Business Process Outsourcing

  • Total Talent Management

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing

  • IS Accelerator


Timeline to hire team, create project scope and prepare for audit
IT professionals hired, trained and executed deliverables
Compliancy rating on the follow up audit from the project work


Due to some economic and market dynamics, a well-known financial institution needed to stand up a full-service project team to process mortgage refinances over a short amount of time. We implemented a comprehensive and seamless staff augmentation project to secure a high volume of trained and qualified employees while managing the results of program to meet compliance measures and exceed customer expectations.


Finance / Mortgage


This company lacked a talent acquisition team and the experience to ramp up high volume with IT experience in a short amount of time. Their project demand included a variety of roles including mortgage representatives, appraisers, technology, collection service representatives and customer contact representatives. On top of that, they were seeking to have a fully staffed project team, trained and in operation in less than 90 days.


Today, the company’s Chief Information Officer was hired by IntelliSource as a key contributor to the success of this project.


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