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Case Study

Fast Growth Stabilization + Strong Position for Acquisition

Starting through the IS Accelerator solution soon provided multimillion-dollar savings for a rapidly growing startup by streamlining overhead costs and establishing a strategic and stabilized employee attraction, management and transition program resulting in strong positioning for acquisition.

  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Total Talent Management

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing

  • IS Accelerator


Of end-to-end FC/DC building is managed by IntelliSource
Of company’s permanent workforce started with IntelliSource
Estimated savings in 6 months due to attrition stabalization


The fast-growing company was seeking a partner that could support several critical areas of their business and augment their workforce during a period of exponential growth while current resources focused on core business strategies. They chose to work with our IS Accelerator program to not only get the company to fully staffed but also incorporate proven policies and procedures for safety, productivity, employee engagement and training. Transitioning to Business Process Outsourcing with IntelliSource, the company was well positioned to meet their long-term plan of acquisition.


eCommerce / Fulfillment / Distribution


The customer had exceeded growth projections and needed to focus on core functions such as logistics, expansion and business strategy for continued growth and eventual acquisition. Coupled with a tight labor market and influx of competitors into a small, geographic area, their lack of experience in high-volume recruiting became a larger barrier for growth and risk to the business. IntelliSource saved the company time and money in securing a reliable workforce while sustaining an attrition rate well below industry average.


The company was acquired by a Fortune 1000 company and IntelliSource continues to grow with the acquiring company.


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