Company culture is a major selling point when hiring and it helps sell your position to new hires. No one will want to join your company if it’s known for mistreating their people. How can you create a company culture of positivity, acceptance, and fun? Communication is key. We have a few tips to make sure your company understands the importance of working together to grow a positive mindset.

Create an Open Communication Company Culture

There are a few steps you can take to help in creating an open communication management structure to improve your company culture. Firstly, make sure your employee’s issues are being heard and worked through by their leaders. Secondly, consistent one on one meeting’s will benefit everyone. An open feedback loop will help to increase communication and efficiency on the team. Finally and most importantly, make sure to take the feedback from your groups to heart. Listening to and acknowledging feedback will help to enroll others in your vision.

Find the “Currency” of Your People

The “currency” that your employees find valuable can be many things. First, you have to find what your people care about and can use that info to enhance the quality of their jobs. Knowing what people are working for will help you to establish what dreams, goals, and ambitions your employees have which allows them to feel heard and genuinely cared for. Second, you have to have a loop of feedback between employees and company leaders. This will help everyone feel comfortable addressing any negative or uncomfortable issues. Also, it shows them that you care for them as people & not just as employees.

Celebrate All Successes Together

Above all, make sure you are celebrating success as a team. Hard work combined with appreciation will help you to instill positivity in the team. Big or small, any team success is worth celebrating! This comradery helps to build trust between everyone and will increase positive communication throughout. It also helps you to recognize your team members and their roles within your team’s success. People love to be thanked for their hard work and this is just another way you can add to the feeling they get from success.

These are just a few tips you can use to help create a positive environment that your employees and your company can work together to thrive within. IntelliSource can help you build your company’s culture and environment today. Contact us now and learn more about how we can ignite the spark in your business!