Expressing gratitude for the great things in your life should be done on a daily basis. Your ability to positively influence someone’s day is a powerful one. Through gratitude, you can truly show someone you care and appreciate them. Here are three ways to exercise your gratitude within the world!

The Daily Three

Assessing how the day went before you go to bed can help you gain insight and gratitude for others, yourself and your daily actions. Think of one example for each of the following questions:

1. What do I appreciate most about myself today?
2. Who is one person that positively influenced my day?
3. What was the best thing to happen to me today?

Thinking about the positivity within each day allows you to create an aura of gratefulness that follows you, positive people and situations that are worthy of gratitude every day. The next day, express your thanks to the person who you felt positively influenced the day before. This action can create a ripple of positivity that infects the person you thank and others they affect. Your words and actions have powerful meaning and can have amazing and inspiring results

Gratitude Walk

Walking is not only a healthy activity, but it is also a great way to clear your mind and decrease stress. When you go outside and walk with a mindset of gratitude, you will see things differently. Use your surroundings to remember the small things that you’re thankful for and honestly take the time to slow down and appreciate all that is around you

Gratitude Letter

Think about someone who you are thankful for and the things they do that make you feel incredibly grateful. Handwrite a letter detailing these things and why you value that person. Be specific but make sure you don’t make it too long. Describe how it influenced you and how you remember how they made you feel. Once written, determine how you want to deliver it. Hand-delivered can be a great option but since that is not always an option, mailing them can also be useful.

By sending this letter, you will connect and show someone who has influenced you positively that their efforts mattered to you. This personal and meaningful message can make a good friendship into an amazing one as you showing vulnerability in thanking someone and making them feel valued can create an even stronger bond between you both.

Trying these different exercises of gratitude can help you to not only show appreciation for others but take some for yourself and everything you do to influence positivity within your universe.