Marketing has the potential to be a great recruiting tool for companies looking to hire top talent. Utilizing marketing in your recruiting plan creates the distinction of your brand for potential employees. It shares your story and culture with an audience that otherwise may not be aware of your potential opportunity. As our life continues to move to an increasingly digital space, reaching the underemployed or passive candidates is critical. Is your company utilizing marketing for their recruitment plans?

IntelliSource’s Marketing First Approach

We have worked with top companies and various industries across the United States to boost their pipelines through our Recruitment Process Outsourcing or our full outsourcing capabilities.

One of our customers came to us with a need to hire and staff over 600 new employees in a new geographic location. The company was focused on building out a state of the art fulfillment center and did not have the capability to attract enough candidates in the market. They were impressed with IntelliSource’s unique approach to candidate attraction. IntelliSource stepped in to assist in recruiting, hiring and screening candidates. 

Our method includes a marketing strategy developed specific to our customer’s business objectives and hiring goals. We utilized market-specific intelligence and analysis of workforce trends. We took into consideration unemployment rates, competing businesses and compensation analysis.

Using our experience, we crafted and implemented a custom campaign that included traditional and digital campaigns. The goal was two-fold:

1. Attract both active and passive candidates through geographic and demographic targeting and

2. Adhere 100% to the customer’s brand standards and culture.

Social, Mobile, Digital

The plan for our digital campaigns included targeting specific geographic regions and demographic criteria defined by our partner. The knowledge from our partner about what had previously been successful in their area helped us to launch and monitor social media campaigns. We also worked to connect with potential employees via comments, chats, and direct messaging.

We have seen an increased use of mobile devices for job applications and campaign reach. To utilize this knowledge, we crafted our campaigns specifically to be mobile-friendly and for flexibility and scalability, we used a digital . We crafted appropriately sized multimedia for the platform we promoted on. We used SMS communication technology to reach candidates and inform them about the jobs. We researched and developed great advertisements to attract candidates based on created ideal candidate profiles. All of which helped our team toward reaching the goals set by our partner and ourselves.

Finally, the use of digital marketing over traditional marketing is changing how businesses promote their company. We used digital and retargeted advertising reached candidates in their social space and opportunities propagated to over a dozen national job search sites to receive premium visibility.

The results were tremendous as we were able to develop and launch a landing page that hosted 41,000 unique visitors and over 110,000 views. We generated over 1.6 million impressions, producing 16,000 clicks in a year. All of which translated into 4,307 applicants and exceeding our hiring goals over 100%.

With the right plan and support, your company can grow quickly and effectively. If you need help with creating your plan, IntelliSource can help! Contact us today, and let us craft a plan that will get you to your business targets!