The beginning of January typically brings us to a moment of self-motivation and a determination for a new start. This year 2022 is no different. To lend a start to your resolutions, here is a roundup of our New Year’s resolutions at IntelliSource.  

1. Growth

A new year is the perfect push to start fresh and being open to growth is where we start our resolutions. Whether it is a new career path, going an extra step out of your comfort zone, or expanding your business, start the new year with an open mind. Set yourself up for success and welcome new opportunities by keeping your overall growth in mind. 

2. Learn a new skill  

With the extra time we now have, we are marking 2022 as the perfect time to learn a new skill. Aligning with our first resolution of growth, learning a new skill can help you get closer in achieving your goals, helps in boosting your confidence, and will push you forward in your workplace. 

Do you not know which skill to venture into? Start by thinking about the bigger picture or simply pick that new skill you have been eyeing. For even more motivation, begin by noting steps towards your end goal for the year, and simply determine which attainable skill to gain that will help to accomplish it. By dedicating as little as 15 minutes a day towards this resolution, you will become an expert at this new skill in no time.  

3. Revamp your resume

When was the last time you edited your resume? Whether you are searching for your next career move or updating your LinkedIn profile, revamping your resume is on the top of our list this year. Small changes of skills, acquiring a certification and even job titles can shift within the times. Take this as a sign to update that one pager and make your resume stand out from the rest. If you are feeling a bit lost or ready to put your resume in sight of our partners across the region, our recruiting team can help.    

4. Polish your communication skills  

Everyone has a voice, and you should not shy away from sharing it! Having clear communication is key in any setting. Instead of having specific regrets in mind, focus on refining ways to communicate more. Try writing that email, leaving a voicemail, contributing to meetings, and always sharing your ideas! If you are up for the challenge, leave the fear of public speaking in 2021. Take this leap at your own pace, by facing your favorite mirror and practicing in front of your closest friends or colleagues. When you are ready to test out these skills, signup for a discussion panel or try hosting a presentation.

This can help advance your professional career and continues to improve your overall confidence. With this resolution, every encounter you have will feel amazing! It will leave the person at the other end feeling respected and deserving of your time. While you are at it, remember to also listen as you gain these essential communication skills.  

5. Read a new book  

Sure, technology has its benefits and your WIFI connection is unbeatable, but nothing compares to reading a book. Add a career related or mind opening book to your home library to reap the benefits of reading more. Reading helps support a healthy brain and is a knowledge of medicine when it comes to improving your focus and attention span. Not to mention, it is a nice break to the day and a giving way to support your favorite author! You can start by reading gradually per day or take a deep dive into new releases and revolutionary books to choose from. If you are over this resolution faster than you expected, consider joining a virtual book club or a subscription service like book of the month.  

6. Expand your network  

Having a vast group of connections bring resources and endless possibilities, which is why you should never miss an opportunity to expand your network. Putting your foot through this door in 2022, will give you major insight about your industry. You can branch out, connect with relatable organizations and even explore positions you are interested in. The best part of networking is its ability to spruce up new ideas and career opportunities, all at your own pace. Keeping these connections afloat is just as important. Mark this year to strengthen and maintain these relationships as well. 

A great way is to participate in meetups, carry your business card, schedule a coffee chat, and by lending a hand or an inside tip. Do not forget to sustain the value in your network by sending that celebration message to those in your new tight-knit group on important events. As you broaden your network, share professional-related content and articles they would gain from, both in person and online. Before you think ahead of the year, extend your gratitude by connecting your network to one another.   

7. Volunteer more 

This year, create a resolution to make a greater impact by adding volunteering to your schedule. Volunteering can support your mental well-being and gives us a purpose. A study by Harvard Medical School, found that volunteering can alter your physical appearance and prevent illnesses such as high blood pressure. Not to mention, it helps us all to connect with our community and nurtures our relationships. When choosing an organization, choose one that aligns with your passion to truly make a difference. Some of our current favorites include giving back to our heroic healthcare workers and sharing a home cooked meal with those in need. You can also mentor your local youth to encourage great leadership or donate to a deserving animal shelter.  

8. Promote a healthy work environment  

An atmosphere that is filled with a positive team distresses a workplace and frames a company’s culture. Having a healthy work environment reflects happiness and even promotes productivity while reducing turnover rates. Seeing it firsthand with our own team and partners, we make it our mission to have a vivid on-site presence, recognize and reward our employees to encourage engagement and a healthy environment. Keeping your workplace healthy all year long can also start with you!

Promote a healthy lifestyle by packing a nutritional lunch, having accessibility to healthier snacks, taking the stairs or even trying to carpool. Instead of rushing through the week, show your team compassion, empower one another and genuinely care about their well-being. Most importantly, do not forget to have fun! Before you know it, this healthy environment will overflow into your personal life as well. 

What are your resolutions for 2022? Here at IntelliSource, our New Year’s resolutions share a common ground of celebrating each of our team members and becoming our better selves. We hope these 8 resolutions encourage you to make the best out of these unpredictable times. Manifest your goals this year and make them a reality! While adding these resolutions to your list, try to find personal ways to stay on track. Set realistic expectations, add a reminder on your phone and be easy on yourself. There is a year ahead of us!  

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