The methods for the qualification of sales is evolving. The old days of meeting your customer face to face are declining as we venture into an increasingly virtual environment. More companies are utilizing phone and video internet services to reach new customers. Optimization of your sales channels for telesales can allow your team to flourish when selling or qualifying new business.

At IntelliSource, our experience in creating plans to implement and manage sales teams has allowed us to partner with some of the top companies in the U.S. on solutions that helped grow their companies. Here is one example of how our planning and execution for telesales channel development allowed us to create massive success for our partner.

Investigating & Modifying Current Sales Methods

Seeing declining sales conversion rates within their distribution sales channel, our partner decided they needed to instill a new and improved sales method within their teams. As a leader in test and measurement equipment, they couldn’t afford to keep the same plans if they wanted to continue to grow their business through telesales and remote qualification methods. 

After hearing several customers and sales agent log complaints about the non-responsive nature of their current team, they decided to investigate the process. They discovered their lead hand-off process as broken, and the primary contact within their company was not following the company standards. Customers were not contacted within the standard turnaround times. Crucial requests began to slip through the cracks, impacting sales for both our partner and negatively affected the customer’s idea of the brand. The entire customer experience suffered as lowered satisfaction scores increased. Needing a solution, IntelliSource worked to create a plan for the sales team to convert new business and raise customer satisfaction for our partner.

Developing New Roadmaps for Sales

The distribution channel within our partner’s business was a huge priority, and we based our design of the new team roadmap on prior experience within that channel. An increased desire for upselling within the current customer base was also of high priority. We used that previous experience to craft a new strategy for implementing and managing Telesales and qualification teams.

IntelliSource implemented a customized TeleQual model meeting the needs of the distribution channel through lead scoring, enabling distribution partners to prioritize lead follow-up. Our development of lead flow and other standard operating procedures for the Disty TeleQual team helped with our partner’s top distributors participating in the program. The previous issues within the workflow and team were adjusted to allow for better collaboration between different divisions and partner companies. 

Initial changes were aimed at monitoring and improving speed from initial opportunity to conversion. Our Disty TeleQual agents qualified, scored, and routed leads directly in the distribution channel partner’s portal, allowing for transparency and visibility into KPIs set by senior sales management. The response time was also improved as our changes permitted for customers to receive the correct contact and information immediately instead of late.

A comprehensive, automated report was developed to track all leads sent to each of the four primary distribution partners. Our weekly meetings with each distributor allowed us to review lead expectations, metrics, and address any breakdowns that were present. We also facilitated monthly check-ins as a forum for reporting progress updates and a platform for ongoing process improvements.

Transforming a Telesales Process

We started by assessing the current state of our partner’s sales process. Then, we determine opportunities for improvement through testing, research, and discussions with management. Combining our partner’s knowledge of their business and our experience with process development created a fantastic partnership that allowed us to execute changes that improved response times. Telesales upselling & growth increased as did distribution partner satisfaction. Our solution created a new path that allowed successful collaboration between our partner, distributors, and customers.

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