The need for a positive introduction to your company’s culture for new employees should be at the top of your priorities. As they say, first impressions are important when meeting someone new!

Set Them Up For First-Day Success

When you’re first starting at a new company, you want to feel welcomed and set up for success. That means having an understanding of what the first day will look like even before they arrive. Make sure you create an onboarding packet of information that you can use to train and can use to fill their first day. By taking care of the “boring” parts of training like paperwork can also help them to feel they accomplished something. It can also help you get the needed information filled out for onboarding.

Introduce the Office and Company Culture

Introduce your people to your company in every way possible. What this means taking them around the office to meet everyone. Show them the office essentials. Introduce them to the culture of your company. Make sure new employees understand the area around the office as well as the workspace itself (Break room location, Bathrooms, Phones, and other general knowledge). Teaching them who the company is and what they stand for can help to enroll your new people into the culture and the area. You can go over the values of the company while also showing them who owns certain functions like payroll issues for their other questions, giving them a base knowledge of the company to help them feel secure in their start.

Give Them a Schedule To Work Off 

People will often come into a situation with no idea of how they will be measured and how they track milestones throughout their first week. Make sure you have that information ready for as long as you can plan. At least one week worth of planning should be enough, but you may need to plan a month to give them a real sense of where they are at within the position. Check in with them regularly once they are in the post and see if you can get any information from them that would help them work more effectively.

Assign a Mentor 

The world is more fun with friends, and you can help spark trust between two employees by creating a mentorship program. Have one of your employees help the new person to get acclimated to the culture and the people while having a great reference and information point of contact to learn off. They can provide a source of comfort for questions and concerns the new employee may have and can report back to you with the insight they’ve found on what they need help with or what they are excelling in.

Ask For Feedback and See What They Need

As a manager, one thing you need to make sure of is that the process is working accordingly and your onboarding is positive. You can use the feedback to pivot your training when you need to as you make sure it connects with your people. By asking your new employees for feedback, you can create a constant loop that will not only keep you informed of where they are within the position, but it can also help you build trust consistently with your team.

Making sure your new people don’t feel alone will help them feel welcomed and can show them that you took the time and care for their arrival. It says you are just as excited to have them join and you want to put them in the best position possible.