Have you ever had your attention taken from accomplishing a task you deemed important? Distractions are everywhere but how do you respond and complete your goals? You can accomplish anything by controlling your attention rather than your time!

Control Your Attention

Maura Thomas, the creator of the Empowered Productivity System, calls these things that weigh on the mind “Significant Results.” You will set out with intention, but then as you go through your day, all sorts of distractions seem to find you! Maura did a TED Talk about the subject where she talked about how controlling your attention is one of the most valuable skills you can have. Your only defense against the constant onslaught of distractions is taking control of your attention.

Jeff Klein, former CEO of the business Working for Good, had a TED Talk going into how attention and mindfulness work together to make people feel good and help you build relationships. Using a mindfulness process called R.A.I.N. can help you control your focus.

R – Recognize what is happening

A – Allow life to be just as it is

I – Investigate inner experience

N – Non-Identification

Recognizing Diversions

First, recognize that strong emotion is diverting your attention and lean into what you’re experiencing in an open, non-judgemental mindset. For example, sometimes it can be helpful to say out loud (or internally) “I am stressed or feel overwhelmed” or recognizing any other feelings you have by letting yourself be present in that moment.

Next, allow your emotions and present reality to “be what it is.” Acknowledging and accepting the situation for what it is doesn’t mean that you should like what is going on, but it means we can drop our unconscious impulses to push away, ignore or suppress our thoughts about what is happening and accepting the situation as it is.

Make sure to investigate the inner experience you’re having and delve deeper into your feelings. Asking yourself questions like “Why do I feel this way?” and “What do I need to feel good right now?” can help you identify your emotions and feelings that are influencing your attention.

Non-Identification is when your thoughts and emotions do not define your sense of who you are. Realize that you are not your mind or your feelings. You are the awareness that brings your attention together.

So what truly has your attention? Realize that you have the power to change your attention and the ability to focus on the significant results that you desire to see fulfilled. While there will be inevitable distractions that will try to divert your attention, you can focus on your goal to achieve success and manage your attention and focus rather than your time.