Self-Motivation is a powerful tool that can influence how we get things done. Having self-motivation means confidence and lacking it leads to procrastination and possibly not accomplishing your goals. How do you make sure you harness the power of motivation?

Self-Motivation Begins From The Inside Out

First, start with yourself and discover what your internal mindset. What is your idea of having and gaining motivation to accomplish your goals? Self-motivation helps empower you with the idea. It ignites the feeling you get when achieving your goals through competent actions. It also shows the consequences that can come from failing to follow your choices to an end.

However, what you do proves your beliefs and beliefs drive what a person does so make sure you are living into your goals by making them valuable and the consequences of failure real and measurable.

The Psychology of Self-Motivation

There is a sense of empowerment when developing your goals, but how do you get to that stage of empowerment?

According to Scott Geller, Alumni Distinguished Professor at Virginia Tech, there are three questions you can ask yourself to help you feel empowered and motivated. But can you do it? Will it work? Is it worth it? If the answer to those questions is yes, it will cause a feeling of competence at doing worthwhile work. Scott Geller believes this makes you more likely to be self-motivated and complete your goals.

First, it’s all in your view of the world and how you see it. Sometimes, you may forget that you have a choice in what you do. Knowing you have a choice and exercising it can cause you to feel more self-motivated. Understanding the consequences that come from that choice also drives our motivation. Without effect, there is no real reason to push yourself to completion. The combination of decisions we make and their consequences are what help drive our desire to be motivated to do what we want and take it to a conclusion.

Self-Motivation Works Better With Friends

Self-motivation isn’t a partnerless idea! But, social support is critical to successful self-motivation. People who have a sense of connection with others tend to feel more motivated and happier. Whenever you get overwhelmed, break it down and ask for feedback. Think about what you can do now that can help you accomplish your goal and keep your motivations. Finally, bounce those ideas off of others to see what they think and gather their opinions. All this data can help you with your motivation by showing you other choices and consequences you may not be aware existed.

These tools can help you find the right path for your goals and maintain your self-motivation to see the completion of any goals you plan to achieve!