Another week has flown by, hasn’t it? And sometimes we sit and wonder if only we had more hours in the day… Rather than focusing on the art of creating more time, try optimizing your busiest days with these 5 recommended apps for a productive work week! 

Adapting these tools will also help you take charge and feel more empowered in your role, which in return can increase your team’s performance. In fact, data collected by Gallup shows that an engaged and productive workforce results in a 10% increase in customer ratings and a 20% increase in profits.  

We asked our Intellisource team how they stay on track throughout the week and ended up with something in common, the need to stay on top of our goals and going beyond our customer’s expectations. But how do they achieve it and most specifically, which tools do they use? The result is this master list of top 5 apps and tools for the workspace. 

1. Doodle – Best for scheduling appointments 

At a glance, Doodle helps people choose a time to meet. This app allows our outsourcing team to schedule meetings and book appointments, without the back and forth. It is the quickest way to communicate and ace a busy work week. The best part? It connects with your existing calendar and available on mobile. 

2. Vidyard – Best for video sharing 

Capture your customer’s interest with Vidyard, a marketing platform for businesses of all sizes. It provides video sharing, helps maximize the impact of your content, and supports your customer’s journey by capturing analytics. What makes Vidyard special is its secure and easy access of branded content, which can be shared privately with your team, for demo purposes or with its many integrations. 

3. Forest – Best for focusing 

Build trees by finding balance at work! This tool is the ultimate way to prevent burnout and unplug for a while. Forest is a time-management app that turns focusing at work into a fun game. It helps zone out your distractions with focus and break timers for a productive and healthy workday. What makes Forest stand out is its partnership with Trees for the Future, allowing users to earn credit and plant real trees around the world. So far, over 2 million trees have been planted! 

4. Jotform – Best for forms or surveys 

Create custom online forms for any occasion, with Jotform! This forward thinking tool has a simple interface that can be integrated onto your website or shared by email. We have used Jotform to get the most out of our meetings and creating case studies across our varied locations. Their drag and drop templates are quick to get started, no coding required. Apart from their customer service, their how-to videos are of great help. It’s reporting functions and easy access are the many reasons we keep using Jotform. 

5. Trello – Best for project management 

Stay in the loop with your team with Trello, a user-friendly task management tool that is best for getting things done. This quick and visual way to streamline a project, will have you on a collaborative kick. Assigning tasks just got easier thanks to its automation bot, one of the rule-based triggers that come in handy. Its ability to get your team on the same page, and open conversations is an effective way to improve processes. Trello’s flexible mobile to desktop versions are a plus. 

The next time you’re looking to upgrade apps at your workspace, add these to your favorite device! They are an effective way to make the most out of your week. These tools can improve productivity, streamlines your collaborative process, and reminds us to stay focused. Whether you need to stay motivated or organized, the week ahead will be your most productive yet.