The 2020 W2 hotline is up and running!  The hotline can be reached at 303-876-4350.  If someone calls in to the main line they can also be transferred to the hotline at ext 146.  Below is an outline of the process that we have come up with regarding address changes, replacement W2’s, etc.

What you need to know:

  1. All W2’s have been mailed out (were placed in the mail mid-January)
  2. Employees can email (preferred) or call 303-876-4350 to leave a message regarding needing a replacement or needing to update an address. We will be checking that voicemail on a regular basis. If you are relaying a message from an employee please email
  3. We have two options for sending out replacement W2’s for employees.  Option 1 is emailing a PDF copy and Option 2 is mailing out a paper copy to their updated address.  Both options we will need to verify the employees last 4 of their SSN as well as their DOB.


We are happy to answer any questions that come up regarding a W2 however we thought we would include answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions so that you may answer the questions if they arise and you would like to do so.

Can I print my W2 from PSO? No.  This is not an option currently available through SM.

Can I use my final check for my taxes? Why don’t my final YTD totals match my W2?  SkilMatch does not update YTD amounts until after payroll is posted so the YTD are always one week behind.  To get your true amounts you would need to add the current pay period to the printed YTD amounts.  There is a note to this effect on the checks.

Are my benefit deductions included in my Federal Gross total? No.  They are reported separately in box 14 on the W2 as they are not taxable income.

Not enough tax was withheld/how do I know what to claim? We cannot advise you but you can use for guidance on what you should claim.  You then complete a W4 which we enter into the system.  You can change your withholding instructions at any time through the year.