The Loneliness of Working at Home

As social creatures, working from home can be a considerable change if you aren’t used to it. The isolation it can sometimes bring may drive some people to feel a bit “cooped” up at home. To avoid that feeling of loneliness and boredom, we have a few simple ideas that may help you stay sane when working from home.

Stretch and take deep breaths every few hours

Stretching is a powerful tool for your body. It helps your circulation and range of motion while helping to keep your body invigorated. Focused breathing exercises can also help calm your nerves and body. Relaxing your mind and body every few hours allows you to refocus and reinvigorates you to keep your productivity high. It also takes your eyes away from the screen to give them a rest. 

Video chat with your team and partners

Working from home feels a bit more friendly when you can see people you work with and can talk with them. Since a large number of your fellow employees are joining you in working from home, everyone is in the same boat. Even if they are at home with family, seeing your coworkers gives a sense of normality during this time of social distancing. Video interactions with your team can help you connect with your everyone and lessen the feeling of loneliness that comes with isolation. Scheduling regular video meetings also give something else to look forward to over the usual phone meetings.

Create a to-do list & keep organized

Having a list of tasks can help keep you on track for the day and motivate you to complete what needs to get done in the day. It also gives some additional structure to your day, which can help you keep focused when working from home. Use apps like Microsoft To-do or even create a list in a word processor. Keeping track can give you a daily goal and a set of tasks to work through. Tracking will help give you a feeling of accomplishment and success as you complete your daily goals.

Celebrate your wins and successes

Make sure you don’t forget to celebrate every success and win you get with both your team and individual goals. Treat yourself to a nice delivery meal or celebrate with your team with a virtual party. Celebrating success is essential. Even though you may not be able to enjoy it in person, you can still enjoy it together via phone or video chat! 

You can make the transition to working from home and be just as successful. Make sure to keep your mind and body active. Avoid the lonely feeling by keeping in touch with your team, and you’ll be able to stay sane when working from home!