IntelliSource understands that finding the right people for your company is not only critical to your business, it is also a time consuming process taking core employees away from their primary functions.  Our dedicated team of tenured recruiters focus on finding talent that meets unique requirements and company culture with a personal, high-touch approach.

Whether a business is experiencing rapid growth, relocation, high attrition or seasonal peaks, the Workforce Resourcing team at IntelliSource can help. We leverage our core competency to recruit, screen, hire, manage, motivate and retain the best talent available quickly and cost-effectively through our proven process.  No matter how unique a candidate’s required blend of experience may be, our team will deliver a selection of talent that meets your needs.

Our recruiting methodology is to attract passive candidates that are underemployed in the markets we serve.  Our recruiting and on-boarding processes are standardized company-wide but can be tailored to suit customer specific requirements creating a seamless candidate experience.  Our recruiting practices can be described as high-touch, innovative, flexible, scalable and data-driven.

All candidates are managed in a centralized database available to give real-time pipeline analytics on demand through dashboard technology.

We provide workforce resources across several areas including but not limited to:

RECRUITMENT PROCESS OUTSOURCING (RPO) Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) offers our customers the benefit of being actively involved in the hiring process while bypassing the time-consuming steps of recruiting and screening. The RPO hiring model supports multiple hires during periods of expansion, relocation, specific projects and sometimes seasonal peaks. The scope of our RPO include sourcing, resume review, candidate screening and interviewing, pre-employment assessments, coordination of  background checks and/or drug screens and HR consulting. Once selected, our partner hires and onboards the new employee.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH Whether a business requires one or several IT resources, a C-Level executive or anything in between, a dedicated IntelliSource recruiter will consult with the customer, bringing their vast knowledge of the labor market to find the right fit for each business and culture.  A well-accepted benefit of this model is that valuable time can be saved by eliminating the need to task core employees, who are likely already taxed, to fill a position.  This internal approach can lead to hire-error, which can be catastrophic and expensive.  Outsourcing the talent search process to IntelliSource will save time, money and ensure the right fit, which also leads to higher retention.

CONTINGENT WORKFORCE Keep core workforce productive and focused by partnering with IntelliSource to augment projected increases in staffing levels. Contract employment is best suited for longer term projects (>90 days), specific business projects, organizational transitions, relocations, hiring freezes and it allows for more complex training and onboarding times. This model requires the flexibility that only IntelliSource can offer, having provided anywhere from five to hundreds of qualified and vetted employees in a matter of days. IntelliSource employs the resources, taking on all overhead, burden and risk.

Want to learn more about our unique approach to workforce solutions?

Meet Abby – Abby is responsible for driving results through our team of tenured recruiters. She develops relationships and ensures service delivery for each of IntelliSource’s partners through our proven high-touch approach. She has a background in project management and ensures communication of deliverables from each of our partners is clearly outlined, and our teams consistently meet metrics through service delivery.

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