IntelliSource hires a multitude of people every day to not only grow our company but also to find people who want to grow with us! Through the last 20 years, our company has developed a culture and business that make for a fantastic environment to work within. We want to share a few reasons why we think IntelliSource is one of the best companies to join. 

Growing with Us

At IntelliSource, we offer the ability to grow within the company and also build your skills to help you accomplish your career goals. Our company’s ability to create solutions for businesses allows us to have opportunities in different industries and across the USA. We also offer personal development programs that can help you become a better leader, grow your skills, and work towards the career path you desire.

Find an Opportunity Across the USA

IntelliSource offers excellent opportunities across the United States with an abundance of jobs. Our broad customer and industry base has created a network of positions that allow flexibility for our employees to work with IntelliSource at a variety of sites across the US. While locations of jobs are essential, what you do at that job is equally, if not more important! After working with IntelliSource, you may see another open position that makes you want to apply – it’s a fantastic benefit for working with IntelliSource. You can start one place and work to move to other areas that align with your career goals! 

Great Benefits Across the Board

We offer excellent benefits, including health, paid time off, and more! While other companies may not include these benefits for employees, IntelliSource provides choices to our employees to allow them to choose the right coverage for their needs. Beyond just health coverage, IntelliSource offers paid time off, and some holidays paid off as well! There are also site-specific benefits offered to each of our different worksites that add more to the impressive list of benefits. 

Variety of Work

With IntelliSource, you have a chance to work a variety of different professions that can strengthen your skills or even allow you to work within a completely new environment. We work within numerous and diverse industries including but not limited to Life Sciences, Electronic Test and Measurement, Fulfillment, Manufacturing, Consulting, and more! Our abundance of opportunities allows you to join a great team that can help grow your career in many different industries and gives you more opportunities beyond just one site at IntelliSource. 

IntelliSource can help you start a career or grow your current skills, and working with us can set you on a path to success beyond what other companies can offer. Join us at IntelliSource today and see what excellent positions we have available for you today!