Millennials are the largest working generation currently in the USA. With around 35% of workers being Millennials, how can you attract them to work with your company?

Authenticity Starts at the Top

Authenticity throughout the company is essential. It all starts with becoming more self-aware of your strengths and weaknesses. It is hard to admit your faults. Honesty and the ability to be genuine about your feelings will help you connect to others. Emotion is also a substantial part of authenticity as leaders should not always numbers minded (though results are relevant as well). Empathy and vulnerability offer your people a bridge that lets them know, “I’m just like you.” It can help shift mindsets to and allow others to see your authenticity. Millennials (and every group of people) care for leaders that are not misleading them and are “real”.

Increase Your Efforts on Social Impact & Environmental Consciousness

How do you make sure your business is contributing positively to the world? Millennials care about their impact on society and the environment. They want to know the company that they are working for supports and promotes those ideas as well. Identify the social causes that resonate with both your business and your people. What is in your communities that you can influence to improve the quality of life for others? Make sure to work with your people to identify the causes they care to promote. Champion their objectives within the community and environment and help complete them.

Create a Positive Workplace Culture

Millennials thrive in positive cultures and actively seek out companies that they enjoy supporting. The ethics of a company and the positivity of its culture are major selling points to everyone, but especially millennials. Creating a fantastic company culture takes a lot of dedication, but most importantly, it needs trust. If your people don’t trust your leaders, the culture becomes one of fear, and it can be challenging to change. Build your culture by listening to your people and their needs. Be actively and enjoyably engaged in everything you do. Promote your culture through positive reinforcement of your values. Your communication efforts will also show millennials that you care about their well being and happiness within the office. Create perks and initiatives that will help motivate your people and show them you value their efforts beyond just their paychecks.

Provide Workplace Flexibility

One of the biggest draws for Millennials in the workplace is flexibility. Flexible business options include things like telecommuting & schedule flexibility. Millennials like the ability to be more in control regarding their work and career. This includes having options like remote working and schedule changes. While not every business will be able to accommodate every request, being able to be flexible when unusual circumstances arise is appreciated and sought after. Look at what your employees do and see what kind of flexibility you can add to your current processes and business.

Minimum Ambiguity, Maximum Communication

Communication is king. Being quiet on changes within the business does not help you gain the trust of your people. Knowing when, where, and what to share with your people is a massive part of being a leader. However, don’t be deceitful or lie. Craft your messages carefully and deliver them promptly to avoid rumors. Millennials do not appreciate when leaders are ambiguous about changes or information that relates to their jobs or the company. They prefer honest communication and are more receptive to different news when they feel they are aware and are involved in what’s happening.

Instill a Profound Sense of Meaning in Jobs

Millennials want to care about their company and job. They want to feel they are making a difference in lives. Deep down, no one wants to work for just the money. People want to be a part of something bigger and more impactful. Helping to show your company mindset, values, and how you apply them to grow within your employees will attract more millennials. Ask them what they find essential and focus on using that information to build the why behind the jobs. The people who make up your company are the heart that makes the whole business work. Making them a part of the business helps them feel connected to the job.

Using these tips, you can check your current business pulse and adjust if needed. Creating an environment like this will not only help you with hiring Millennials but also with all hiring needs within your company. Everyone will appreciate these ideas being implemented when possible but connect with your people individually to make a genuine difference in how you attract Millennials and others.