Core Competencies in a business are the backbone of the company. Your values, skills, benefits, and mission are what drive customers and employees to support and champion your cause. Through planning, feedback, and implementation, you can make your company’s core competencies shine through customers and your people.

Finding the Why, What and How Behind Your Company

What is your mission as a company? The why behind what you do is what makes customers care for your services or products. Start by answering questions about what matters most for your company. Why did you want to start this business, and what do you plan to accomplish by building it? What makes you different, and what do you excel at as a company? Asking yourself these questions and establishing your vision, direction, and goals for the company is the first step to developing your core competencies. Brainstorming sessions with your executive team and personal contacts can help you to list everything out and determine which are your core focuses within that list. 

Develop Your Company Message

Once you know what your objectives are, your plan for accomplishing them, and your ideas of success, you can start to develop your company message. It should be a concise message crafted around your why, how. It should inspire you and your team and make them feel that this company is somewhere they want to be. The company’s purpose within the message is what creates that feeling. Once crafted, you can test it with your employees to see if it resonates. Remember not to be afraid to change your message if you feel it does not represent the company correctly. 

Using Your Developed Core Competencies

Now that you have your message and your core competencies set up for your company, it’s time to use them and grow! Your business is unique, and your skills are equally so. Make sure your core competencies are within every facet of your business and that they adhere to your values and message. Setting SMART goals for implementation can also help you in holding yourself and your people accountable to the core values and competencies. 

Remember that it can take months to develop and implement excellent core competencies and values, so try not to rush into the whole process. Take your time, request feedback, iterate, and build something your company and employees support fully!