With the constant changes in technology, it isn’t always easy for your team to keep those renewals sales long term. Through focused planning and preparation, you can create a healthy renewal team and channel that can grow your business success.

IntelliSource has helped several businesses establish and grow their renewal based sales channels. Over the years, we have learned quite a bit. Our approach to creating new roadmaps for teams is through planning and hiring the right people helps us be successful!

Finding the Right Team

First, when you are setting up a new renewal sales channel, you have to start with the right people. When interviewing and hiring your team, experience as well as ambition. Do not disregard a less experienced person who truly has a desire to be successful and learn. These are the type of people you want on your team. Even if they lack some knowledge of sales, you can always help them grow through training if they have the desire to learn more.

Your team should be made up of people who are great at conversation — someone who can determine customer needs by asking the right questions and listening to the customer. People who understand how to convey value is a huge plus. Determination and knowledge of their products are also needed to be successful as a renewal sales agent. The majority of this business is relationship building. Make sure to treat your customers right. Building those relationships give them someone that they can trust while giving you a leg in the door to make a sale.

Finding the Right Method

Second, you want to make sure to develop a proper structure for processes and responsibilities within the new team. Do you want to create a leadership position for the team to help you? Does the team need to work in an office, or is this a remote position? Questions like these can help you to determine the type of environment you will prepare your people to work within.

Next, align your current sales and company processes to the new process for this team.. What do you need this team to do and how will they fit in your current structure? What changes need to be made to make this successful? You don’t want your renewal team to be at odds with others because you didn’t plan.

For example, IntelliSource has helped several companies develop new teams with partners who already had field and telesales teams. By making sure to work with the partner and their already created processes, we determined the appropriate method to be successful and not cause disruption.

Bringing it all Together

The right people, plan and processes can help you create an effective renewal based sales team to take your business to new heights. However, your job is never finished as you keep your team trained and prepared. Check in with your team to see if they need help getting something that could help them be better at their jobs. Learn your teams and the kind of people they are to manage them better.

For more information about how IntelliSource approaches process improvement and team structuring, click here to view our case study describing our solution!