Is your sales funnel full of possibilities and potential, or is it looking a bit under the weather? Keeping your funnel healthy is similar to keeping your body healthy. It requires hard work, dedication, and preparation!

Work Your Good Deals, Leave The Bad Behind!

Time is your enemy as we never seem to have enough of it. Time management is essential to keeping a healthy funnel. You must allocate your time appropriately and focus on the best deals you have that are closest to booking. If you have customers with high percentage closing rates and high dollar interests and they are reliable contacts, you should be prioritizing these deals and connections.

Abandoning your dead deals is also needed. It can be tough for salespeople to let go of sales. You often spend tons of time building relationships and trying to set up the opportunity. However, hope for these kinds of deals remains as you can set up a future touch-base to check on the customer for a possible sale.

Follow up!

Making sure to contact your leads regularly can help close deals sooner rather than later. It can sometimes take several calls to close, so don’t get discouraged. Don’t give up calling and set reminders to keep yourself on track with your follow up calls. As said in the previous section, knowing when to drop a deal is also crucial as you don’t want to create less time for yourself to get sales.

Audit your Funnel

Take the time to go through your funnel and check every deal is correctly placed. Constant updates and audits on your funnel will help you keep on track and will allow you to know where every agreement stands. It is easy to forget to do the little things when managing your funnels like adding notes or next steps to your CRM or keeping the sales stages updated. However, it is something that must be done regularly to ensure you know what is going on within your role.


Understanding the numbers behind what you are doing is essential to improving. Learning more about where your new leads come from, what is selling well, and more are all found through your data and metrics. Find the data that will help you improve your sales processes and strategy and use it to build a plan of improvement. Getting better information also feeds what you put within your funnel in notes and updates.

Keeping a healthy sales funnel isn’t easy, but the benefits of keeping it clean and continually improving will show tenfold when your deals close, and you keep meeting your goals!