As Peak Season for hiring comes closer and closer for several industries, being prepared for the increased need for people can be the difference between success and failure.

Recruiting Superstars

First, while you may need to hire several people, remember that the quality of candidate matters more in the long term rather than larger numbers of candidates. Meet with leaders in the company. Plan a strategic marketing and sourcing process while keeping the absolute requirements in mind.

Screening and Hiring

Next, conduct face-to-face interviews and skill testings with each candidate to assess their skill-set, experience and cultural fit in addition to setting expectations of the position. You can work with on-site management to assess each candidate’s ability to meet the requirements of the position and then extend offers to the right candidates.

The Final Approvals

Finally, thoroughly evaluate the pool of associates for those with excellent work ethic, attitude, and attendance. Work on growing your new hires into leaders. This can improve your leadership from within. This will help show employees a path of progression towards more responsibilities. These actions can help you improve your attrition rate. It can also help you build better relationships with employees.

IntelliSource has experience in helping companies hire for peak season. We would love to share our expertise with you to help you be successful this peak season. Check out our case study on hiring for peak season and contact us today to see how we can help your business!