Cameo appearance by Frankie :)

Dianah has been with IntelliSoure for 14 years and was recognized for stepping out of her day-to-day norm in Q1 and supporting our onsite HQ teams of accounting and back office operations during COVID-19. Congratulations Dianah and thank you for all you do for IntelliSource! Dianah spent some time to let us know a little more about what she brings to the team.

In your own words, what do you bring to IntelliSource?  My professional nickname is TCB, which stands for Taking Care of Business.  I bring my scrappy problem solving skills and I have yet to meet a challenge I couldn’t beat.

What do you feel your biggest professional strength is? This one is a definite tie, between empathy and organizational skills.  My high EQI allows me to connect with who people truly are, deescalating any situation and bringing a strong resolution where all parties feel heard and validated by the solution.  I always joke that if I can put it in a spreadsheet I will, and my organizational skills are second to none (I bet I’d even give Marie Kondo a run for her money).

Outside of work, what interesting fact should people know about you?  I am an avid hiker and you’ll find me hitting the trails on the weekends with my two rescue dogs Oliver and Frankie.  I often joke that I collect hobbies, from gardening, yoga, kombucha brewing, sewing, reading, making teas and salves, the list goes on!

What is your favorite part about working at IntelliSource? I started with IntelliSource 14 years ago, and have grown immensely both professionally and personally since.  I appreciate the ability to learn new skills and transition from department to department, as so many others around me have also done.  IntelliSource has the reputation of having “lifers”, people who have grown with the company over the years, that tenure says a lot about a company.

At IntelliSource, we always strive for E3 or being Enjoyably Engaged in the Experience… what does that mean to you? To me, E3 means being mindfully present in each moment you are a part of.  You never know when your actions will have a lasting effect on others, so why not act like each and every moment is going to change someone’s life.  For better or worse, what do you want someone to take away from an interaction with you.  I want to help people become the best version of themselves, so they in turn can pay it forward.