Tim, Kansas

Tim just joined the IntelliSource team this year as part of our expansion with a customer to the mid-west. He was chosen as a Q3 hero due to the immediate impact he made to the business. Tim has displayed a great attitude, care for our employees and passion for serving our customers. He continues to innovate ways to support positive service and steps up to assist the customer and Intellisource in meeting business needs.

Congratulations Tim and thanks for you do for IntelliSource!

In your own words, what do you bring to IntelliSource? I actually went to college to become a teacher, and worked in distribution while going to school. It just so happened to turn out that I was really interested in logistics. So I have been in the distribution/logistics for the last ten years. With my experience and teaching background it really helps me reach out and help with all of our associates no matter the department that they are working in.

What do you feel your biggest professional strength is? My biggest professional strength is my drive. I believe that everyday you should try to improve on something, and I do my best to encourage this with our associates to do the same.

Outside of work, what interesting fact should people know about you? I was a cryptologic technician while serving in the Navy.

What is your favorite part about working at IntelliSource? Working with the wide variety of people that we bring in. I truly enjoy being able to coach and mold these associates as they start. Then to see them grow as an associate and get excited about their performance is an amazing feeling. I enjoy seeing someone take pride in their work and strive to succeed.

At IntelliSource, we always strive for E3 or being Enjoyably Engaged in the Experience… what does that mean to you? I believe it takes one person coming in with  a negative attitude to ruin a day. I lead by example with leaving personal issues at the door, and coming in motivated. Coming into work I show excitement knowing that what we do on a daily basis makes a difference in people’s lives. I try to keep a presence on the floor to motivate and make sure our associates have the tools for them to succeed.