When customers are unsure about purchasing, what do you do make them confident in their decision to buy? You start with building relationships through your sales skills!

Sales Preparation

Preparing for your calls, emails and customer interactions can create a ton of confidence for you to start and finish strong.

Janay Wiedenmann from our sales team in Delaware believes in understanding your resources and product benefits before contacting customers:

“Knowing what the most significant barriers are for a customer to purchase is a great start to prepare for your interactions. Customers may have an issue when it comes to pricing so making sure you are ready with answers to overcome that, and any other objections you get is essential.

If you are new to these teams, ask your peers and colleagues what they hear from customers and how they have navigated those objections. Ask about the products as well because knowing your product’s benefits to the customers can be the difference between a sale and a no. 

Think about options that are available to you as a salesperson. Can you offer flexible spending programs or payment plans to help your customer? Trade-In programs or bulk purchase discounts? Check all of the options available so you can make the best decision for the customer and the company.”

Building Relationships Through Listening

Michael Ireson, another amazing sales rep from our Delaware team, had thoughts about actively listening to the customer and build that relationship with them:

“Listening to the customer help you identify what they need and the kind of person they are. Once you understand that, you can better prepare yourself to what they respond to and how to trigger the responses you want. Building your relationship with the customer through honesty and integrity is essential to success. Don’t lie or BS   a customer because they will know. 

Act professional and let them know that you are there to help them. Be the customer’s primary link to the company. Make them feel that you will help them with anything. Call them to see if they need help and how they are doing rather than just when renewals or needs come up.
Build off of those calls. New opportunities may pop up only from you asking how they are and if they need anything!”.

Constant Communication

Janay also thinks constant communication is essential to building relationships and closing deals:

“Being responsive and checking in can help you become a hero to the customer. Saying the simple words “I can help you” and following through can help you immensely. It can also help entrench your company into the customer’s ecosystem. Going that extra mile for the customer is always appreciated!”

At IntelliSource, we are lucky to have a team full of amazingly knowledgeable people who help our company and others grow through their dedication, great attitudes, and skills which has lead to great success. 

We hope you can use this advice to create even more success in your sales teams!