You’ve created a great resume, passed the initial phone screening and are on your way to an in-person interview for the job you want! Then they ask you the question…”Why should we hire you.” What do you say? How do you respond?

Come Prepared

Going through the hiring process can be a long journey, so you want to be sure you get yourself into an interview situation.

Showing up with a set of your best skills can help you when this question arises to keep on track in showcasing what you do best. You should think about 4-5 strengths that you can connect to the job. Making sure to have a varied mix of skills and strengths is also vital to show that you have depth within your knowledge. Hard skills such as technical expertise and soft skills such as conversation etiquette can help you highlight your diversity of strengths and show employers you have put thought into showcasing what you do best.

Tie Your Strengths to Real-World Situations

Once you know which strengths you plan to lead with, think of situations you have personally experienced that have allowed you to use your skills and be successful. Recruiters and those in the position to hire people will often ask candidates about examples of how their approach to handling situations and what they did to complete a favorable resolution. Think about specifics and be prepared to tie it all together to why you are the best possible fit for this role. You may not know which strength they will ask for more information about so make sure you have something prepared for each one you decided to highlight.

Create an Elevator Pitch to Sell YOU

An elevator pitch is a 60-75 second summary about who you are to sell your skill set and mindset to potential employers. Because you can never be sure how much time you’ll get with an interviewer, this technique prepares you for quick interactions.

It’s a great way to remind yourself what you stand for, what your belief is and how you operate. You can create several elevator pitches about specifics within your character, but an overall quick summary pitch is often the most useful.

Using these tips, you should be able to sufficiently answer the question “Why should we hire you” through giving a glimpse of who you are, your values and your strengths and backing them up with your real-world experience!