Frequently as individuals, we stop ourselves from obtaining our true potential. We have a great idea, but then never put it into action because it may seem unrealistic, complicated, or far-fetched. Sometimes we feel like we cannot do it alone and no one else may agree with our vision, so why “waste time trying” for an outcome that may not exist.

Recently while speaking to my grandmother, she shared how as a young child, her family did not own a TV. The idea of having that brown box with a black and white display was a far cry from reality, but as she aged she not only had the black and white television, and the colored TV, she also had an old TV and now owns a flat-screen – she has even visited the theatre to watch 3D movies! She can’t believe that people no longer use landline phones in households. That cell phones aren’t sizeable and bulky rectangles with a thick wired cord in a vehicle but have become a personal computer, camera, calendar, gaming device, and a phone people use virtually anywhere. 

It’s much easier to say “I can’t do this” than to say “I will test this until I get it right.” The truth is, often during new projects and processes, it takes the “I will tweak it until it works” mentality to get the job done. However, it also takes opening ourselves up to criticism (which is not a bad word!) and allowing ourselves to change and develop with new technology, habits, and ideas.