Results are a consequence, effect, or outcome of something. The word can also have a negative connotation to some people which can cause them to feel uncomfortable when they hear it in the business world. We have a new way to look at RESULTS to give yourself more meaning behind the word!

R: Recognize Individual Contributions Toward The Group Goal

Taking the time to recognize how your people are helping the team can keep employees bought into accomplishing the goal. Letting someone know that you appreciate their efforts on an individual level is just as important as recognizing the team as a whole.

E: Ensure Employees Are E3 (Enjoyably engaged in the experience)

Being enjoyable engaged in the experience can be the difference between enjoying work and hating it. Enrolling a person in the culture is much easier if there is a positive connotation to that culture. Make sure to engage your employees in activities to keep their spirits up and add fun into the workplace. You can do this through events, recognition and more!

S: Stop Making Excuses and accomplish what you say

Excuses don’t help anyone accomplish a goal, so stop making them! Take ownership of the situation and your role while you work together to move forward and reach the next level within your team.

U: Understand the Situation/Goal and What Needs to Accomplished

Knowing the expectations of your people and what your responsibilities are can be a huge factor in the success of a team. Make sure that everyone knows the role they must play to make the team successful in accomplishing the overall goals.

L: Leverage Personal and Team Strengths To Overcome Issues

You are a magnificent person full of skill and knowledge, but no one in this world knows everything! Leveraging your network of other beautiful people and their skills can help bring alternate perspectives to your team. 

T: Train Others To Be Better Than You

Building up the skills of your people and growing their careers is a goal of every good manager. Make sure you are talking with your team to find out what interests them, what skills they want to build and where they want to be in the future of their career. Once you know what they want, help them grow!

S: Synergize & Get To Performing

Team chemistry is a real thing, and buy-in is needed to accomplish your goals. Make sure you have the right people for the project and get them together early to start building that trust and comradery. A tight and friendly team works together better as the team’s trust allows for real and powerful feedback which in turn creates better performing teams.

Utilizing this alternate view, you can set different expectations with your people on what it takes to get the RESULTS we want as a team.