What are your super soft skill powers? What superpowers do you have that will help you interact effectively and harmoniously with other people?

There are many jobs with dedicated skills to help you be successful in the position but having amazing soft skills can useful in literally every situation. As companies look for their new hires and scour the droves of candidates on LinkedIn, you can help yourself stand out by having your soft skill mastery front and center. Here are five soft skills you should use to become super! 

1. Leadership

One of, if not the most significant soft skill worth mastering is becoming a leader which comes through being honest and developing trust with the people you interact. Regularly setting an example for others to follow & aspire towards and being a fair & even keel person when working with others will help you to be successful wherever you can apply your skills. Driving your team to success is a fantastic skill to master.

2. Adaptability

Being able to adapt to situations and environmental changes is a critical skill to have. Change is a constant in business and being able to “take the punches” as they come while still moving forward is a powerful ability to have. Adaptable people also can show a more tempered demeanor which helps to instill confidence and reduce panic in changes that affect everyone. 

3. Time Management/Attention Management

Whether you follow the mindset of managing your time or your attention, this soft skill helps navigate your busy days and allows you to accomplish your goals. The ability to make time when needed and focus your attention on the task at hand is essential to all companies. Stating you will have something done and then using your time/attention management skills to accomplish that when you say also adds to the trust foundation, you build with others. 

4. Listening/Communication

The key to alignment is communication. Planning your goals and the steps needed to reach a target will only get you so far if you do not communicate the actions and the roles required by everyone to be successful. Listen to feedback given and deliver what is needed to ensure you are aligned and on the same page with your team. 

5. Teamwork

Your ability to work well with others and help when needed can be the difference between success and failure. Teamwork is the combined action of a group of people, especially when effective and efficient. When people need your help, you are there to assist and drive the success of the team. As the author of The Five Dysfunctions of the Team, Patrick Lencioni once said, “Teamwork begins by building trust and the only way to do that is to overcome our need for invulnerability.

Several other amazing soft skills can help you stand out from among the crowd but utilizing these soft skills listed and highlighting them within your resume could help you to get the opportunity you are waiting for in your career advancement path. IntelliSource offers several different career paths to help grow your soft skills and make you a superhero in your new career with us!