What are you doing in 2020 to improve and utilize your leadership capabilities? Having new year leadership goals can help your teams connect through planning, action, and results! To help you create those plans, here are five goals to utilize your leadership skills in 2020!

Create Your Action Plan for 2020

Having an initial plan of action for your team and identifying the year’s goals is the first step to moving forward in the new year. Without a roadmap of what you want to accomplish, how do you know where you are and if you were a success? Develop your plan for what you want to achieve with the steps and milestones for getting there. Please work with your team to get their input and enroll them in your ideas for the new year. When your people are more involved in the goals they contribute towards, it helps create a sense of ownership to making it successful.

Show Up Every Day With Authenticity

Being present and authentic with your team is a quality of real leadership. People appreciate it when their bosses or company leaders are real with them throughout the workplace. Communicating what you intend by showing up and genuinely listening to your people can cause a team to feel heard and secure. They know you are telling them the truth and trust that you are doing everything to make them successful. This idea and it’s associated feelings are compelling and should be a goal for every leader to achieve.

Seek Collaboration

Ask your teammates what they think about your plan for 2020. Solicit feedback from your leaders (and everyone you work with really) to see if you can do better. Ask if you can help someone with a project, idea, or need they may have. Looking for collaborators instead of waiting for collaboration to happen can help you to build relationships and accomplish goals faster. It also gives you an additional perspective into your thoughts and gives you someone to bounce your ideas off.

Develop your Soft Skills

Soft skills are always necessary for great leadership. One goal for you may be to focus on improving your skills to help within your work and team environments. Your problem solving, communication and teamwork skills should be top of mind for improvement. There are other amazing skills you can work on, such as work ethics, adaptability, and dependability. Not only will growing these skills help your current teams, but it will give you a great leg up in the future of your career growth!

Focus on Being a Great Communicator

Communication is key to any successful relationship. Making a goal to keep your communication top of mind will create a sense of openness within your teams. Leading by example and letting them know why you are doing your actions can be the difference between a confused team and a motivated one. Talk to your people regularly and set goals to meet to spend time with them. The lack of communication will cause your team to feel discouraged and will make them feel less involved or bought-in to your ideas and plans.

Using all of these tips, you can create leadership goals that will grow your team and your skills. There are many other goals you can build and work towards that can develop your positive mindset and grow within your career path. It takes dedication and the desire to lead your team to success.