Do you take enough time to yourself outside of working and handling the day to day tasks of life? Many people struggle to achieve a balance of their working lives with their personal lives which leads to many problems in your health and other issues that will negatively affect you. So why is work-life balance is essential and what can be done to help achieve the balance?

Balance is Needed for Success

With the new workforce of millennials taking over businesses across the globe and US, employers are looking to adjust their old road maps to offer more balance within new jobs. According to an info-graphic from Family Living Today, 66% of full-time employees in the US do not firmly believe they have work/life balance and 33% work on the weekends or holidays! The United States ranked 30th out of 38 countries used in this comparison document, and the effect that comes from the lack of balance appears in a magnitude of ways.

Without balancing your life can have several negative long term and short term consequences which include less time for family and friends while also experiencing poor morale & productivity. These negative aspects can manifest itself into high turnover rates and burnout or fatigue. There is also an effect on health as those working more than 55 hours per week are at a higher risk of coronary heart disease and stroke!

Disconnect and Reconnect

To find your balance, you should first disconnect from your work world and reconnect with your internal self!

  • Turn off your phone and stop checking updates
  • Exercise with consistency
  • Focus on the important aspects of your personal life
  • Delegate and outsource to help you achieve balance 

Keep Busy!

Here at IntelliSource for example, our people have a magnitude of activities to keep their own balance between work and personal life:

  • Take photos and videos to create something fun
  • Go on trips and visit new, wonderful destinations 
  • Grab a bike or scooter and ride through nature

Try finding what activities resonate with you and explore new hobbies to help you keep the balance within your personal and professional lives.