As summer ends and Fall begins, hiring at retail and logistics facilities intensifies. These hiring issues can create a smaller pool of candidates for your business which can cause problems within your company. IntelliSource is an expert in hiring quality candidates, and we have five tips to help you get the right talent in your business this Fall!

Define Your Ideal Candidate

When hiring new talent, it is essential to determine what you need in a candidate so they can be successful within the company. Creating a Candidate Persona can help you with determining the factors that make a good fit for the job. Start with researching by surveying existing employees to see what they offer. You will find that a lot of them share similar traits that can help with the overall team cohesion. Include questions about their skills, interests, and goals to see what kind of people work within your team. Ask about the company and their thoughts regarding our values and culture.

Make sure you set up a list of info needed by your candidate in the position to help your searches. Info like where they currently work, what kind of job titles do they have, what their level of experience is, and shared goals for that position.

Using all this information, you can craft a persona that matches what you need in whatever role!

Craft an Interesting Job Description

Your job description is your company’s sales pitch to the candidate. Making sure you clearly state what the job title is can help you not only with candidates but with SEO regarding people finding your job. With there being so much competition in hiring quality candidates, what you offer that makes you different is needed to draw the type of people you want. Don’t use buzzwords. Instead, look up keywords in your industry that are being searched by potential candidates.

While you don’t want too much detail, you want your descriptions to be accurate and succinct. Start by talking about the day in the life of the position. What will they be doing day today? Where is their role within the structure of your company? Also, include details like salary ranges and experience needed to be successful in the job.

Train your Recruiting Team to Sell the Job

If your job description is your sales pitch, then your recruiting team is your salesman. Make sure you give them all the tools they need to be successful in finding and filling your roles in the company. Data such as the Ideal Candidate Persona can also assist them in understanding what it takes to be successful within the position. Information about the job is also beneficial. Taking your recruiters through the job site and showing them what their candidates will be doing can help prepare them to a better state and discuss the job. Know the benefits of the position. What set the position apart from others. Do you have a fantastic company culture with ten paid holidays? Does your company offer 401k matching? These are the types of things that can set you apart from the crowd and get others interested and excited about joining your team.

Determine the Best Outlets to Market Your Job

Knowing where to find the right candidates is a big part of the battle to hire. Several websites allow you to post your jobs and market them to find new people. Take the time to review your options. Indeed, Glassdoor and many other companies are available to post your jobs. Do your research to determine what’s works best.. Market your positions through social media for organic growth through your networks and business networks. Make sure you know what the benefits of each platform are and what you can get with your money. Some networks may work better for reaching specific audiences. Instagram, for instance, maybe more useful for creative recruiting with visuals over other networks that may look for just the job description.

Research RPO Services

RPO or Recruitment Process Outsourcing is the business process of an employer delegating their recruiting processes to a 3rd party outside of the company. Depending on what your company is looking for in terms of recruitment, RPO can help you to manage portions or the full recruitment process, which makes the whole process scalable based on need.

It is worth considering RPO services for several reasons. The costs of both time and money with maintaining a recruitment team can often be expensive, but RPO services can often help mitigate costs for hiring services. Some companies are also not prepared for quick and massive scale hiring during peak seasons can also be much more comfortable with RPO services. We have an article that discusses RPO services more in-depth and can help you determine if this service is something you should consider.

These tips can help you with your hiring needs this Fall season but if you need expertise and assistance, contact us today at IntelliSource. We offer a range of services to help your company grow!