Finding new and talented people to hire that will also grow with your company can be a difficult task. Not only for smaller companies who lack resources to find the diamonds in the rough, but also for larger companies who scale up and down but don’t have flexible resources to support variances in their hiring targets. Recruitment Process Outsourcing or RPO can help your company find the best candidates for your team while having full visibility into the process.

What is RPO?

Essentially, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is outsourcing the recruitment process of an employer to an outside company. Depending on what your company is looking for in terms of recruitment, RPO can help you to manage portions or the full recruitment process which makes the whole process scalable based on need. IntelliSource’s RPO hiring model has supported multiple hires during periods of expansion, special projects, relocation, consistent high volume hiring and seasonal peaks. As with all of our hiring models, we align with your employee brand, unique culture and hiring process to develop a customized strategy.

Why Use RPO?

  • The RPO partner is 100% dedicated and focused to meeting your hiring needs resulting in a stronger quality of hires
  • Costs of maintaining a recruitment team can often be more expensive than using RPO services especially when there is fluctuating hiring needs
  • Offers a scalable model with the ability to adapt quickly and efficiently  
  • Centralized process that can be implemented across geographic locations resulting in hiring consistency  
  • Businesses have full visibility into the recruiting process
  • Final hiring decision comes from the customer who is outsourcing   
  • Dedicated reporting, daily updates and analytics provide visibility into each step of the hiring process
  • The RPO partner is solely responsible for meeting the KPIs and hiring metrics
  • Keeps the company’s internal HR and recruiting teams focused on on-boarding, employee engagement, retention strategies and internal growth opportunities for the employees

How is RPO Implemented?

At IntelliSource, we customize each RPO partnership based on the needs of our customer. We build out our teams and processes to meet their culture and ensure a positive candidate experience. For example, a recent technology company was looking to open a state-of-the-art call center in a new geographic area. Our partner had a need to hire over 600 employees with a historically low unemployment rate. They had previous struggles with hiring in a new market and sought out our expertise to help move them forward.

IntelliSource defined a custom go-to-market strategy based on market-specific intelligence and analysis of workforce trends, unemployment rates, competing businesses, and compensation analysis. We drew knowledge from our several previously successful candidate attraction campaigns already launched in similar markets.

Our marketing first recruitment approach attracted passive candidates through geographic and demographic targeting. We maintained the customer’s brand standards throughout the campaigns resulting in a positive candidate experience and seamless representation of the customer throughout the hiring process.

Through our marketing efforts and sourcing knowledge, we were able to hire the candidates needed for our partner to have a successful and fully staffed call center. We delivered 100% of their overall targets and have since expanded our partnership across several states throughout the US.

With full transparency into the recruiting process, daily updates and the final hiring decision, the RPO process transformed the customer’s call center business allowing their HR and recruiting teams to focus on onboarding, employee engagement and retention efforts.

RPO can help your company build a team and save time & money. By utilizing the resources and expertise of RPO specialists, your company can be prepared for any hiring situation that may arise throughout the year. Contact IntelliSource today and ask us how we can help your company grow to new heights!