To Ace (something)- To do exceptionally well in something, especially a high-pressure situation.

What does it take to Ace an interview for a new job and how do you best prepare yourself for success? Here is a new perspective from IntelliSource on what is needed from candidates to get through the interview process and into the careers they want most! 

Recruiters are often the first line of people that job seekers look to impress as they apply for jobs. Intellisource Corporate Branch Manager and Hiring Professional Abby Pais-Bernath believes your personality and professionalism go a long way to helping you get the position you want: 

abby headshot

 Intellisource Corporate Branch Manager and Hiring Professional Abby Pais-Bernath

“I think that the idea of “Will Before Skill” is important in that personality and drive of job seeker will trump skill-based accolades on resumes. A candidate with a passion for a job who is humble and coachable is extremely important to the success of that position and person. When interviewing, make your intentions known. Sell yourself and be confident but make sure you don’t act too personal. Keep your professionalism and show why you want the position as well as your desire to grow.”

First, getting the job you apply for takes preparation and showcasing your personality. Next, it takes a positive attitude and the ability to show how you want to learn more. These can be the most important things you can do to get a call back for the jobs you want most.

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