IntelliSource understands that the development of an excellent workforce isn’t simple. It takes careful planning and execution to grow a site from end to end. However, it’s possible to streamline your workforce solutions. Through our focused processes and experience, we can work together to help your hiring methods and allow you to adapt when needed.

One example of this adaptation is in how we’ve helped our other partners to develop their end to end workforce solutions in their businesses. This can help a company that is growing to streamline its processes of workforce expansion and hire the right people quickly when needed.

The Challenges of Growth

One of our partners was a rapidly growing national outsourcing company that partners with large-scale lending organizations. They needed to streamline their hiring processes to hire and train candidates with an industry-standard set of experience and skills. They also required new candidates that had extensive knowledge of the mortgage industry and the ability to assist in standard mortgage processes.

Refinancing mortgages, creating appraisals, IT, call center/customer service representatives, and handling collection services were all skills needed for this job. With so many openings and a desire for quick resolution, our partner recognized that bringing in someone to help would allow for a quick turnaround.

Developing a plan

Without having a definitive hiring process in place, we assisted our partner with the development and streamlining of a cost-effective solution for sourcing a high volume of trained and qualified employees quickly. Our initial plan involved using our expertise from previous partnerships and allowing our skilled and seasoned implementation team to help. They worked to ensure that all hiring deliverables were met or exceeded throughout the hiring process.

To help with hiring a large number of qualified applicants, we’ve developed marketing specifically based on custom candidate persona’s made from the information given by our partner and other resources in the same industry. A dedicated team of our seasoned HR consultants learned the company’s culture, procedures, and expectations and incorporated these into the onboarding process and our candidate searches. We then used our marketing resources and manually sourced candidates to bring in the best people for the position.

Executing and Reading

To put the plan in motion, IntelliSource implemented the strategy needed to bring success while continuing to monitor results throughout the process. We included providing constant reporting metrics and dashboard management. Real-time projections of hiring expectations and showing the progress of results helped our team gauge and calibrate our performances. Checks on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis using real-time hiring and tracking metrics, kept partners informed of key performance indicators. Our communication standard ensured we met all of our partner’s goals and were addressing concerns early.

A Successful End to End Hiring Process

Within 90 days, IntelliSource hired 700+ service center and IT professionals to support our partner’s workforce expansion. We helped with securing a second location. Our marketing efforts allowed us to launch recruiting campaigns to staff that new facility. We were able to recruit and onboard a large enough workforce to accommodate five departments within our partner’s organization. All of our efforts created and executed a plan that helped to consolidate costs and increase efficiency as we took over the full process of hiring from start to finish.

IntelliSource can also help your business with your hiring operations. Contact us today to learn more about how we can partner and take care of your hiring needs!